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    How To Create Your Company’s First Budget

    You’ve decided to start a business? Congrats🍾! It’s important to remember that while you’re an expert in your swimlane you’ll also need to pick up some accounting skills. One of the best ways to level up that skillset while also creating an invaluable tool for your business is by building your company’s first budget. Why […] More

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    How Your Business Can Avoid A Tax Audit

    Getting audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is something every entrepreneur dreads 😓. It’s a time-consuming, stressful and costly process. While you can’t completely protect yourself from getting audited, these are some steps your business can take to avoid showing up on the CRA’s radar. Account for All of Your Income Make sure you report […] More

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    The Records Your Business Needs To Keep (And How Long You Need To Keep Them)

    Your financial records will serve a number of purposes. You will surely need them for your dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (which we’ll address in this article), and they also serve as an invaluable tool for precise bookkeeping and as proof of value during a potential acquisition. With accurate records, you can also tap […] More