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    The First 90 Days of Starting a Business

    As a business owner, especially of a new enterprise, it can be tempting to focus on every aspect of your entity – from how you are doing on social media to the images you want on your website. While multitasking is a part of running a business, too much of it can be harmful. In […] More

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    5 Reasons Why Business Partnerships Fail

    Often, business partnerships are compared to a marriage, and for good reason. Similar to a marriage, business partnerships involve separate entities working together towards a common goal. There are compromises involved along the way and the willingness to sort out differences, for a partnership, whether marital or business, to work. While there is no consolidated […] More

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    7 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

    7 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, your marketing department probably consists of little more than your own desk. And that’s fine, as any fledgling organization needs to save 💵 wherever possible. But growing your brand and attracting new customers is still essential. You don’t need to […] More

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    How to Make Sure Your Business Stays Financially Healthy

    If you start to get sick, you can usually nurse yourself back to health with soup and Netflix. When your business is sick it won’t recover on its own. You’ll have to make some major changes. Here are a few simple ways you can make sure your small business in good financial health from the […] More

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    How To Navigate Canada’s Tangled Regulation And Build Your FinTech Startup

    This article originally appeared on Betakit. What is the common thread between building trust with clients, creating partnerships with big banks, and building a compliant product? They all require your company to have strong regulatory expertise. The kind that lives in your company’s DNA – not the result of hiring a few temporary consultants, however […] More

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    Your Startup Operates In A Regulated Space, So What?

    When entrepreneurs initially set out to build a FinTech company, they are driven to solve the existing gaps in the financial management system. Perhaps it’s to make the financial system fairer or create products that are more efficient, tech-savvy, and put customers first. Once the initial idea sets in, the next question that typically arises […] More

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    Why We’re About To Publish 3 Months Of Research On FinTech Regulation

    In July 2016, NorthOne hosted a presentation titled Regulation 101: What your FinTech Startup Needs to Know at our Montreal studio. We thought, “Maybe 10 people will show up? After all, how many people could possibly care about FinTech regulation in Canada?” We were blown away. Nearly 50 people showed up and another 400 live streamed […] More

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    Am I The Right Driver For This Car?

    What I enjoyed most about my early discussions with my partners/investors Jay and Dominique was that they were filled with ambition and healthy impatience. “So let’s recap what we know about the opportunity: There is an explosion of innovation in the banking and financial services sector in Europe and Asia. These typically take years to […] More