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    11 Must Have Free Tools For Small Businesses

    If anyone has to watch their bottom line, it’s small business owners. So we made this list to help you save money, get things done, and work more productively. 🥳 1. Building a Website – Wix Does your small business need a website? For most, the answer should be a resounding “yes”. If your website needs are […] More

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    Why You DON’T Need a Business Plan

    So you want to start a business? Plenty of people will say you need a business plan. They’re wrong. The truth is that there is a better approach to starting a new venture in today’s fast-paced market. If you hate the idea of spending hours at your desk fretting over rows of numbers, proceeding without […] More

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    What Does A Bookkeeper Actually Do?

    A bookkeeper stays on top of your day-to-day finances and makes sure your business runs smoothly! If you don’t have one, you’re exposing your business to all kinds of risk. But what does a bookkeeper actually do? Many people don’t realize that bookkeeping and accounting are actually two distinct professions, both of which are vital […] More

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    5 Small Business Tax Strategies to Reduce Income Tax in Canada

    Did you know that donations of more than $200 to registered Canadian charities can earn you higher tax credits? Yup, charitable donations of $200 or more to registered entities attract higher tax credits. That’s just one of the many strategies small businesses in Canada can employ to reduce their income tax. Here are more. 5 […] More

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    5 Reasons Why Business Partnerships Fail

    Often, business partnerships are compared to a marriage, and for good reason. Similar to a marriage, business partnerships involve separate entities working together towards a common goal. There are compromises involved along the way and the willingness to sort out differences, for a partnership, whether marital or business, to work. While there is no consolidated […] More

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    7 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

    7 Cheap Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, your marketing department probably consists of little more than your own desk. And that’s fine, as any fledgling organization needs to save 💵 wherever possible. But growing your brand and attracting new customers is still essential. You don’t need to […] More

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    5 Ways to Prevent Payroll Fraud

    Preventing Payroll Fraud Your credit card payments are encrypted, you back up your data to a secure cloud, and you’ve enabled two-step authentication on your most important software. Congrats, you’re impenetrable. Just kidding. Have you looked at your payroll security recently? Payroll fraud is an oft overlooked yet very expensive way that SMBs throw away […] More

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    An Inside Look at NorthOne’s Brand Reinvention

    NorthOne is Canada’s first mobile focused tech-powered banking platform designed around the unique needs of startups and small businesses. Given the impact that poor financial literacy and controllership have on small business failure rates and costs, NorthOne is building a banking platform whose very mission is to eliminate these problems. As such, it not only […] More

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    How To Create Your Company’s First Budget

    You’ve decided to start a business? Congrats🍾! It’s important to remember that while you’re an expert in your swimlane you’ll also need to pick up some accounting skills. One of the best ways to level up that skillset while also creating an invaluable tool for your business is by building your company’s first budget. Why […] More

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    Is There Value Hidden In Your Financial Data?

    As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you’re used to the hustle, especially when it comes to banking. Whether you’re trying to secure a loan or understand customer data, hustle is a part of your everyday life. However tough you might be, though, the fact is that it has become overwhelming for business people […] More

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